Creative Technologies

The adoption and deployment of advanced technologies into creative production and consumption is a core theme of CRAIC’s work.

The creative industries have long used a broad range of technologies to produce and distribute content, and to attract and entertain audiences. There are however a set of emerging technologies which are disrupting the traditional methods of production, distribution, and consumption of creative products – notably immersive technologies (Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Technology, and 5G.

Our first foray into this area was to develop a Creative Technologies Framework, developed with Conor Roche at BOP Consulting. Other work includes scoping the development of a map of the Virtual Production eco-system, an extended in-depth look at three creative technology projects, and a review of some of the commissions developed as part of Unboxed.

The most significant study is that undertaken by Dan Turner, completed in January 2023, and available to download here.