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Creative R&D: the case of Unboxed – Sam Hunt and Dr Lora Markova

Graham Hitchen talks to Sam Hunt from Unboxed and Dr Lora Markova, Research Associate at CRAIC. They discuss the ten commissions that formed part of Unboxed in 2022 and the different ways in which those commissions explored Creative R&D, working with creative technologies to take on real world challenges.

Innovating in live performance, with Sarah Ellis

Graham Hitchen talks to Sarah Ellis from the Royal Shakespeare Company about the extraordinary Dream online, the live performance demonstrator from the Audience of the Future programme (the lessons from which are captured here). They are joined by CRAIC’s Professor Andrew Chitty to discuss the importance of R&D in the performance and live events sectors.

Inclusion, Immersion, Innovation with Lisa Bowers and Maddy Crosti

Graham Hitchen talks to Lisa Bowers and Maddalena Crosti about HAPPIE – a project supported by the UKRI Audience of the Future programme. They discuss how HAPPIE and other projects being led by Lisa and colleagues are using an ‘Inclusive Design’ approach to deal with innovation challenges in creative immersive R&D.

Business models, Copyright and the Creative Industries with Nicola Searle

Nicola Searle from the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, at Goldsmiths University of London, discusses the role of copyright and value-creation in the Creative Industries, and the myth of business model innovation.

Creative Technologies with Conor Roche and Andrew Chitty

Professor Andrew Chitty and Conor Roche, from BOP Consulting, explore the interactions between technology and creative industries. They discuss a new Framework developed with UKRI, and the implications for research, innovation and investment.

Innovation, Technology and Design with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is perhaps best known as a pioneer for the Internet of Things. She’s been running the monthly IoT Meetup in London for hundreds of start-ups and entrepreneurs for the last ten years and her ‘Goodnight Lamp’ is in the permanent collection at the Design Museum. She’s also just published a book – Creating a Culture of Innovation. In this interview, Alex talks about the importance of Innovation, about what she has learned from working with companies big and small, and the value of design.

Understanding Research and Innovation in the Creative Industries with Andrew Chitty

Professor Andrew Chitty is Challenge Director for the Audience of the Future and the Creative Industries Clusters programmes at UKRI. Those are programmes investing best part of £100m on Creative Industries R&D, as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy – from Story Futures Academy, the new centre for Immersive Storytelling, to Future Screens Northern Ireland and Wallace and Gromit’s Big Fix Up. What can he tell us about how research and innovation is conducted in the Creative Industries? Which sectors benefit and which ones are left behind? How can we ensure that the lessons from these programmes and others are learned to help inform future policy and support for the Creative sector?